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Friday, June 4, 2010

International Credit Insurance & Surety Association

The International Credit Insurance & Surety Association (ICISA) brings together the world's leading companies that provide credit insurance and/or surety bonds.
Founded in 1928 as the first credit insurance association, the current members account for 95% of the world's credit insurance business. Surety companies became members of the association from the 1950s. Today, with over USD 2 trillion in trade receivables insured and billions of dollars worth of construction, services and infrastructure guaranteed, ICISA members play a central role in facilitating trade and economic development on all five continents and practically every country in the world.

ICISA promotes sustained technical excellence, industry innovation and product integrity, as well as solves business problems generated by legislation. It represents the interests of its members by facilitating an open exchange of information and ideas, while representing the interests of the credit insurance and surety bonding industries to local, national and international government and regulatory bodies. ICISA plays a vital role advising and educating international and multinational authorities and organisations on issues related to credit insurance and surety bonds.
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Insurance Your Future With A Long Term Insurance Policy

Every individual in his or her life has a right to think about oneself and about his or her family. What if anything happens to you suddenly? What will happen to your family? Who will take care of them in times of financial hardship? These are some general question that may come up in future. In such cases the insurance policies that will help you and give an answer to all your questions. If one person is the only person earning in a house, then it is even more important to think about his family, that’s because his family is even more at risk of the problems that may come in future. All of us at some point of time have heard about life insurance policy. But what exactly is an insurance policy? Well there are many types of life insurance policies, but the most popular are the term life insurance and the whole life insurance. In term life insurance the person is insured for a particular fixed term for any thing like five years to twenty five years. In such a insurance policy if anything happens to you during the period insured then your nominee gets the benefit and the entire money is then refunded to them. But in a whole life insurance, you are insured for the entire life and even after your death. In such an insurance policy, when you are ill or something untoward happens then everything will be taken care of by the insurance company.

We have a new product in the market and is popularly known as a universal life insurance. This kind of policy offers lots of benefits to the insurer. They signify an individual folder which can be provided to some extent of the financial protection. According to the latest study, a large number of people are thinking about this policy and are diverting them to invest their money in the universal insurance policy and are securing their future with the benefits of these policies.

The reason for me to advocate about the insurance policy is that when I was a young boy, I had to go through the trauma of going through the phase of financial hardship. My parents met with an accident and they both died in the same accident. They had not left practically anything for me. All of a sudden I was all alone in this cruel world where nothing is for free. I had to do work and earn money for my living and education. Had my parents taken a life insurance I would have got benefitted from it. Although nothing can replace your parents but at least you are secured with your life. As I grew up I had decided that I will not do the same kind of mistake that my parents had done. I have taken an universal life insurance as this insurance assures me with many features about my health, my financials and also about my family’s future. In case of emergencies like the accidental death or a retirement, this policy covers up everything. Even if your health is good this insurance covers it up as well as in case of any emergency with your heath or in case of any significant sickness. You can even get more information about this policy when you log on to internet and check out with various companies offering such kind of policy. One better added feature in this policy is that in case if your financial position gets unstable then you can easily change the policy or transform the policy according to your liking which can benefit you. You may increase or decrease the amount of premium and its consequences which were not noticed by you at the time of taking the insurance.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Compare car insurance quotes

Compare car insurance quotes instantly and save up to $500! Don't overpay for car insurance, when you can shop online with us and save time and money. Compare the cheapest womens cover, young drivers car insurance and over 50s car insurance suitable for all vehicles including performance car and van insurance. Powerseeker offer a connecting bridge between the consumer and the insurer. Compare home insurance quotes and policy features from a range of the UK’s leading home insurance providers. Whether you need home insurance, buildings or contents insurance , landlords insurance , insurance for working from home , homes abroad or student possessions , we’re here to help you find it!

Comparing car insurance quotes from the many different direct insurance providers, brokers and price comparison websites can be time-consuming and frustrating. To help you find car insurance that's right for you, here are some tips on comparing policies and information on what we can offer you as an insurance broker.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Cheap car insurance

Cheap car insurance doesn?t have to mean you don?t get the coverage you need. At MiWay, You can have your vehicle insured for its retail, market, or a specially agreed value. Cheap car insurance for a teenager will depend upon the student's driving record and the type of horsepower in the car he drives. On the parent's side, the policy will require higher up-front deductibles and a commitment to take advantage of insurance discounts. Cheap car insurance does not come in a snap of a finger because there are qualifications for discounts.

Cheap car insurance quotes are available online which help in saving your money. You can find best auto insurance company on the website. Cheap Car Insurance Quote Tips is your number 1 resource for your car insurance quote, cheap car insurance, and cheap insurance quotes.Book complete fairy flower book complete fairy flower. Also, california auto insurance requirement . Cheap car insurance for young drivers is necessary yet so difficult to come by. Most young drivers are considered as being risk takers and likely to cause accidents.

Cheap car insurance may not turn out to be so attractive when making a claim. Cheap car insurance is not impossible to find, you simply have to be looking in the right place. Today, this place is the internet. Cheap car insurance has become one of Serenity?s specialties and their agents are becoming known throughout the industry as the experts in finding the companies who can provide the least expensive rates.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Plans that provide greater coverage tend to have higher monthly premiums. Depending on how often you visit the doctor and other factors, you may desire a lower monthly premium or you may wish to opt for Kaiser healthcare policy that offers more coverage. Plan Rover will also provide you with the approximate cost of each health insurance plan to help you assess the total expenditure easily. The important thing with this website is that you get free information about health insurance plans before you purchase any insurance policy. Plan participants and beneficiaries generally must be sent an election notice not later than 14 days after the plan administrator receives notice that a qualifying event has occurred. The individual then has 60 days to decide whether to elect COBRA continuation coverage.

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Insurance linked

Insurance linked securities represent just another form of risk-anchored securities. Insurance linked securities, whether in the form of catastrophe bonds or synthetic life settlements, offer investors both a high potential for growth and a diversified and uncorrelated asset. Following a landmark year in 2007, the catastrophe bond market has faced challenges in 2008. Insurance Linked Securities continue their success story and enjoy attention as an uncorrelated and interesting asset class whose performance has been within expectations over the past year.

Demand in 2010 will come from both sides of the balance sheet: developments in collateral structures and increasing standardisation and index access is opening the asset class to more investors, while insurance companies, driven by Solvency II and balance sheet efficiency, and following the crisis in the banking market in the last few years, are increasingly using the capital markets (for funding and capital) rather than the traditional use of the re-insurance and banking markets, and are identifying more liabilities eligible for securitisation.

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Compare insurance quotes

Compare insurance quotes at InsWeb and find cheap rates on auto , home , health , term life , renters , motorcycle , business , RV and travel insurance . Request free quotes online in just a few minutes—you're never under any obligation to buy. Compare homeowners insurance quotes and conditions from different home insurance providers and make better choice. Comparison shopping is the best way to get cheap auto insurance and we have created all the conditions to make this process as easy and comfortable as it can get! So come on in and get the right policy today!

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Health Insurance

Linked Securities continue their success story and enjoy attention as an uncorrelated and interesting asset class whose performance has been within expectations over the past year. Demand in 2010 will come from both sides of the balance sheet: developments in collateral structures and increasing standardisation and index access is opening the asset class to more investors, while insurance companies, driven by Solvency II and balance sheet efficiency, and following the crisis in the banking market in the last few years, are increasingly using the capital markets (for funding and capital) rather than the traditional use of the re-insurance and banking markets, and are identifying more liabilities eligible for securitisation.

Health insurance may be the most important type of insurance for anyone to carry. In a country where medicine is not socialized, good health insurance can be the key to getting good health care. Health Insurance (popularly known as Mediclaim) offers protection in case of unexpected medical emergencies. In case of a sudden illness or accident, the health insurance policy takes care of the hospitalization, medical and other costs incurred. Health insurance is a maze of choices. If you have trouble understanding confusing health insurance terms or are overwhelmed with all of the health plan options, you�re not alone.

Health insurance for you and your family is a matter that requires careful consideration and planning. Whether you are looking for health insurance for a small family of three or a larger brood of eight, you have to put in an effort to sift through a lot of data. Health insurance companies may offer similar products, but that doesn't mean that they all operate in the same way. They are regulated by the state where they are operating, but each company has its own underwriting policies. Health Insurance Online offers comprehensive information for Medicare Insurance options available to senior citizens age 64 and older or individuals under age 65 that have certain disabilities. Medigap Supplemental Insurance is designed to bridge the coverage gaps left by standard Medicare benefits.

Health insurance provides cover to all these untoward situations and proves great blessing in the time of calamity. In case of disabilities during work hours, the employees get considerable compensations, which help sustain rest of their life.

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Shoping insurance

Shopping around means getting the maximum spread of health insurance quotes from as many of the top companies writing policies in your state. All the companies supplying quotes through this site offer a range of health insurance plans, whether for short term health insurance, whole life or group health insurance. Shopping for affordable term life insurance rates? With Efinancial, you can choose among the very best term life values with no pressure and no hassles. Shopping for insurance doesn't have to be complicated. Insurance Centre Online partners with InsureMe, the most experienced online insurance shopping service, to help you find the affordable insurance you need.

Shoppers can find coverage with the lowest car insurance rates for their state, location and lifestyle. Shopping for the best insurance rates can be difficult and confusing; but not any more with our simple process. All you have to do is complete a single application, then you'll receive multiple free insurance quotes from Top Insurance Companies and your local insurance agents.

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Car Insurance presents you with car insurance quotes from trusted, established companies with a long-standing reputation in the business. They provide great customer service and comprehensive coverage plans, while offering some of the lowest car insurance rates possible. Car insurance comparison online is the best way to save money on your insurance premiums today. If you're interested in paying low rates for insurance as quickly as possible, you're in the right place. Carriers that do pooling offer very attractive rates on the front end, but health insurance prices tend to get out of control over time. If you are with a carrier that uses this pooling model, we recommend switching now before rates get too high and definitely before you acquire a pre-existing health condition that would make it impossible for you to get coverage elsewhere.

Carry on your daily expenses even if you are unable to earn due to a disability. You may choose from either a federal program or a private policy, based on your affordability.

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